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Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation CD cover Songs:
1. It's OK, That's L.A
2. I Just Wanna Dance
3. Words That Kill
4. 'Til Infinity
5. Illusion
6. Now or Never
7. Don't Look Back
8. Today
9. Secret Love
10.  Nothing Lasts Forever
11. Only You
12. Your Are The One
13. I Just Wanna Dance (Retro)
List price: $16.99
eXSM price: $12.99
Description :
Energetic Pop; Romantic Ballads; Lyrics with depth

Special guests: Jennifer Batten, Michael Jackson's Guitarist Cherie Currie The Runaways' Vocalist

Standard Deviation is one of the freshest acts to come onto the new music scene. Their sound is extremely energetic with an underlying intellectual depth not found in most new offerings. The energetic pop and romantic ballads by Billboard Songwriting contest award-winners, Jeff Hands and Jane Lee, feature an infectious groove and sensual vocals. The album is a collection of 13 songs, digitally mastered for an excellent quality CD. It was featured on many radio stations around the country and received radio play in Canada as well. 

Jane Lee (Vocals and Keyboards) 

Jane brings a fresh, energetic presence to the stage as she performs. Her intensity and professionalism are evident at every step of the writing, recording and performing processes. Jane studied voice with Seth Riggs, the reknowned vocal coach based in West Los Angeles. She also studied classical piano for 12 years and dance at California State University, Fullerton for 3 years. Jane's band experience includes fronting Nick Nervous and Silverwood as both lead singer and keyboardist. Her vocals drive home the upbeat message in the theme song for Long Beach Carnaval, "Carnaval in Downtown Long Beach". Her driving positive energy makes her a natural.

Jeff Hands (Drums and Background Vocals)
After playing with Jan and Dean, Jeff studied with Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa, PIT) and played the New Wave/Punk circuit with Dred Scott, The Alley Cats and Zamp and the Suspects; booked with bands like The Motels, The Go Gos, The Bangles, X, The Plimsouls and other artists. He then played in and managed Nick Nervous and Silverwood. Jeff also does public speaking for companies in the computer/MIDI industry such as Apple Computer and Passport Inc. He brings a unique creativity to the writing, recording and performing processes. 

Practicing sport Jeff Hands waterstarts in Tobago.
Years in sport: 7
Home Turf: Long Beach, CA

Sport Experiences
"Infectious Groove, Sensual Vocals"


"Hard Drivin Dance Music! Nice Stuff!" 
"Power Pop! Good Beat You Can Dance To!"

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