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eXtreme Sports Music (eXSM) is the best place on the web to promote your music to extreme sports enthusiasts. We have and will partner with sports magazines, vendors, websites and shows to market your music. These are people who are interested in what you like to do and your music too! Can you say target marketing?

It's as easy as

To sign up, click here to fill out a submission form.
Once you've submitted a completed form, we will create a free listing for you in your favorite sport's home page. Your listing will link to your e-commerce enabled CD web page which contains your CD cover, MP3s, pictures, lyrics, reviews, fan club and more. There is also a special section where you can tell the world about your extreme sports experiences including pictures and commentary of your most radical moves. You don't have to be an expert, just an enthusiast! Click here for a sample band page.

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Extreme Sports Music has partnered with CD Baby to sell your CDs. Just tell us your CD Baby username and we�ll get the information we need to sell your CD from their inventory. You don�t need to send any more CDs or pay any fees!

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eXSM surfers can read about your band and buy your CD. All orders will be processed by CD Baby and shipped directly to their waiting ears.

What Do We Get?

  • A listing in one or more sports sections.
  • The professional creation of a web page in the same section including a photo of your CD or Band, a short description of the CD, a bio, 3 lyric sheets, fan club sign up, a gig calendar, reviews and a "Buy" button linked to our secure shopping cart. You can even use the buy button we provide to sell your CD on your own website, if you have one!
  • A picture on your web page of you enjoying your sport and links to stories about adventures and destinations you've experienced, good or bad.
  • A URL of
  • Soundscan reporting, if you have a Soundscan UPC and it's registered with CD Baby.
  • Information on who purchased every one of your CDs.
  • Ability to edit your information, add reviews, and add gigs.

Shortly we will add:

  • Ability to post news about your band which will appear on your personal artist page.
  • Licensing opportunities for extreme sports films, videos and games.

Ok, How Much?

Can you say FREE? As long as you have one or more CDs for sale on CD Baby, your listing here is free. If not, sign up with CD Baby and come on back! Just click here to get started.

More Details

This is a non-exclusive opportunity. You keep all your rights. You can still sell your CDs anywhere you like. In fact, we'll even help you. Our excellent graphic artists can even help you design logos, CD covers, web sites, promo pages and anything else you need to get the word out. Click here to see how we can help you promote your CD on eXtreme Sports Music as well as up to 40 different music web sites.

eXtreme Sports Music is a subsidiary of Handlee Records. Select bands may be contacted by Handlee Records for further promotional consideration. Music licensing opportunities are also planned for the future.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to starting selling your music 24/7 on one of the most exciting web sites on the net!

Questions can be addressed to Email XSM or call (562) 437-7690.