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About eXtreme Sports Music

Welcome to the debut of (XSM). This is a music web site which showcases music created by extreme sports enthusiasts. You don't have to be an expert to be an enthusiast. We wanted to create a place where people could find good music and information about their favorite sport. The only requirement to enjoy this site is that you enjoy music and extreme sports.

Musically, this is a site for independent artists to showcase and sell their music to people who like to do what they like to do. We also offer web site creation, graphic design and promotional opportunities to artists.

Site visitors will be able to buy music and merchandise, listen to MP3s, contact the bands, write reviews, and join fan clubs. We're always more excited about people who share our interests and we hope you are too.

As an extreme sports location, we plan to offer information that will help you enjoy your favorite sports. We will show you the best places to go to challenge and enjoy yourself, offer members stories about places they have been, what was good and bad about their experiences, photos, gear for sale, books, videos, news, a discussion forum, both music and sports resources and an occassional contest or two.

From the home page, choose a sport you are interested in. Once you enter that sport's home page, you will have access to CDs by bands who enjoy the sport, their sport experiences and what will soon be a complete lifestyle section. At this point, the windsurfing home page is our best example.

As we begin this journey, we need your help to make this site work. Feel free to submit your music, stories, photos, sell your gear and list upcoming sporting events. For now, much of this content needs to be be submitted by email but we are hard at work to make it possible for you to submit your entires via online forms.

Please bear with us as we ramp up to speed over the next couple of months. We felt it was important to get the site functional and online as soon as possible so you could begin enjoying it and participating.

Our pledge is that we will do our best to add timely and enjoyable content.We also plan to form partnerships with some of the biggest names in both music and sports. Become a member and visit often. This website is what we will collectively make of it. The sky's the limit (unless you're a sky diver, of course)!

If you have any comments, good or bad, or suggestions, please write to us at Email XSM.


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